Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

During the holidays it can be difficult to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. Tables upon tables of food are lined up around the room, and you feel obligated to try all of your aunt’s holiday treats. Well, we have some tips to better manage the holiday stress eating habits.

Keep Moving

Stay Active. Have fun doing holiday inspired and cold weather activities. Enjoy a walk to view the holiday lights in your neighborhood, gathering pine cones, playing in the snow, sledding, skating or building a snowman. There are lots of ways to keep your body moving while also having fun!

Over the holidays, we often lose track of our diet and exercise plans and end up a few pounds heavier by the start of the new year. Although the myth says that we gain up to 5 pounds between November and January 1st, studies have shown that the average adult gains between 1 and 2 pounds. However, this can certainly add up if it occurs year after year.

Smarter Servings

One tried and true method for staying healthy during this holidays is using smaller plates since they encourage smaller portion sizes and overall less caloric intake. There is no harm done in getting a second serving if you are still hungry. The extra trip to the kitchen may steer you away from eating a few extra bites of pumpkin pie just to get the taste. The most important thing is to be aware of what you are eating at all times. Studies suggest that staying aware of your eating habits and practicing self-monitoring can help prevent holiday centered weight gain.

Get Back to Your Routine

The number one thing to remember during the holiday season is to enjoy them while they’re here. A couple days of indulging mindfully, won’t result in long-term weight gain. Keep in mind that after the festivities die down, you can jump right back into more healthy habits and nutritious meals.

Take time to relax, enjoy the holidays with loved ones and remember that it’s perfectly okay to take time for yourself to remain active. The new year is right around the corner and is a great source of motivation to maintain or begin your wellness journey.

By The Nido Lifestyle Team

Happy Holidays! With love, the Nido Lifestyle Team

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Jennie Luna