Exercise and Good Nutrition

Healthy living can be a difficult lifestyle to start working on achieving. But it’s important to remember that everyone starts somewhere! Exercise and good nutrition are important staples in a well-balanced life. Stress can be a hindrance on a healthy lifestyle, from the piles of work placed on top of your desk to bringing the kids to soccer practice after school. But remember, exercise and maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet can also be a great way to relieve that stress and on top of it, it helps prevent and treat diseases.

Exercise can sound difficult based on the publicity it’s given, where it’s expected to be rigorous and constant, but it can be something simple. Taking a walk every day with your dog, a friend, or even by yourself as a form of quiet contemplation will benefit you in several ways. Breathing in the fresh air and clearing your mind of worry, while also moving your body can be a great end to your day or a great start to your morning.

Along with exercise, is a good nutritional diet, where eating healthy is one of the key points to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A few ways you could do this is by the stereotypical way that is told to you since you were a child, “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” It’s actually very important for your body to get the vitamins and nutrients it needs, which most fruits and veggies give.

Another great way to prevent disease is to reduce your consumption of sugar, because “Sugar (free sugars refined from sugarcane or sugar beets and high-fructose corn sweeteners) has no nutritional value except for calories and, thus, has negative health implications for those at risk” (Walter C. Willett) of being overweight.

Improving your exercise routine and setting yourself up for a positive nutritional diet, “helps reduce your risk of these chronic conditions and manage them better: Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Many Types of Cancer, Dementia, Depression & Anxiety.” (CDC) Set up a plan with a friend or write down a list of the activities you want to try to do every day, such as walking around the neighborhood or even write down a grocery list of the new healthy items you want to try and take them to the store, where you can walk and learn more about the foods you plan on trying.

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How will you start your healthy lifestyle?

By The Nido Lifestyle Team

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Jennie Luna