Spreading Holiday Cheer (and Healthy Habits)

With this year coming to an end so quickly, it’s hard to not get caught up in the stress of the holidays. Stress can lead to falling back into unhealthy habits, such as overeating or even having it affect your mood! Make the best of these holidays and be a source of pure holiday cheer for your loved ones and friends!

Enjoy the holidays!

Feel the holiday spirit and take advantage of the time to reduce the stress in your life and focus on the positives, “Remember the perennial wisdom of ‘less is more.’ Focus on the activities that give your life the most meaning and cut out the rest.” But also remember to take time for yourself and if things are weighing on your mental health, it’s important to know when you should say “no” and also let others know of your anxiety you may have.

Provide healthy snacks to munch on!

If you’re planning on having a holiday party and/or joining in on another’s festivities, provide everyone with some healthy alternative treats! Gingerbread cookies are always a hit at any party, and this recipe is the perfect treat for your event! This recipe from Desserts With Benefits is “made with almond meal, oat flour, ground spices molasses, and coconut oil, these are guilt-free treats that you can enjoy snacking on.” Your guests will be talking about these cookies for holidays to come!

Fun festivities and activities!

While not a requirement to have a great holiday, planning fun activities, such as cutting snowflakes or building gingerbread houses with friends and family, can be something to look forward to once planned! Something small can brighten up a holiday when you may feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Here’s to a happy holiday and a great new year. Let’s start fresh and healthy in 2019!

By The Nido Lifestyle Team

Happy Holidays! With love, the Nido Lifestyle Team

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Jennie Luna