Why Yo-Yo Weight Loss Does More Harm Than Good

Yo-Yo Dieting isn’t as fun as it sounds, this is just a term for weight cycling. Weight cycling is when you’ll suddenly feel the need to lose weight and then you’ll lose that passion and let yourself start to gain the weight back, and find yourself in a cycle that doesn’t seem to end. This could become a never-ending cycle if you let it, but it’s important to remember that your health is important and there are ways to keep a good nutritional diet and leave the cycle behind.

Don’t restrict yourself from the foods you enjoy, limiting your intake of said foods is a different thing altogether. When you try to cut yourself off from the foods you enjoy completely, stopping “cold turkey”, you’ll find yourself craving these foods even more than usual. Restricting yourself can, in turn, cause more harm to your diet!

As you’re trying to diet, “fat loss leads to decreased levels of the hormone leptin, which normally helps you feel full.” (Healthline) Leptin tells our brain when we have enough energy reserve in the body, it’s there to help us keep a healthy weight! With the decrease, your appetite is sure to grow, resulting in eating more and weight gain.

Yo-Yo Dieting not only causes you to lose and gain weight consistently but doing so can also lead to muscle loss, “Muscle loss during dieting also leads to decreased physical strength...These effects can be reduced with exercise...Exercising signals the body to grow muscle.” (Healthline)

Losing your strength can cause many complications and keep you from living a healthy lifestyle. When you lose your muscles, this can lead to less bone support and “You need your lean body mass to support your bones and keep you fit, strong, and burning calories.” (Nutritious Life) Not only are you at risk of muscle loss, but it also increases your chance of being at risk of Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Heart Disease.

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By The Nido Lifestyle Team

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Jennie Luna