Nido is a Modern Lifestyle Brand, created to inspire a health movement

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Public Speaking

To request for Dr. Luna to speak at an event contact us to check availability.

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Company Wellness Workshop 

By improving the health of the employee, we are also enhancing their productivity. The benefits of wellness helps lower the overall cost to employers providing health care. The core of what we do is to change behavior through education and habit building.

We offer a series of workshops taught by Dr. Luna, providing:

  • Science-based education

  • Tools to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Skills for stress management

  • Methods for a healthy culture in the workplace

  • Motivation and accountability with every lecture

Comprehensive Lifestyle Program Setup 

At Nido, we believe in spreading education on healthy living to address lifestyle-related disease, and better yet, avoiding them entirely. Prevention is the best form of medicine. Dr. Luna personally designed this lifestyle program which took years in it's making. We offer organizations who share the same philosophies training on establishing a Comprehensive Lifestyle Program.